Bespoke and hand built storage

Hand-built Storage

Our bespoke storage is made on site in the space where it will be fitted. Tailored storage can be made in different styles for example, modern, contemporary, minimalist, Victorian, Edwardian, Regency or Georgian. It can be painted or sprayed in any colour to fit your colour scheme.

Handmade storage units can fill any nook or cranny in your home. Attics, eaves, alcoves, under windows, hallways, utility rooms, office spaces; we can design and make any combination of cupboards and shelves to suit your needs and provide your home with plenty of storage.

The doors on modern and contemporary handmade storage often come with a shadow gap and flush doors with concealed hinges to make clean straight lines. Concealed hinges can be calibrated to perfectly align doors and make millimetre perfect gaps between doors. Often doors have a micro bevel around the edge.

Victorian and Georgian style storage units have panelled doors, usually using a profile molding to match the existing molding of the room.

Contemporary shelves are usually bracketless floating shelves with clean lines. For adjustable shelving we can use book case strips.

Our storage units can be made with any timber material or wood, including moisture resistant MDF, soft or hard wood, veneered or stained MDF or veneered plywood, and then if appropriate painted by us or the client.

Under-shelf, concealed and discreet lighting or power sockets can be incorporated if required.

We can help with ideas and designs. Please email or call us to discuss your needs.